Midi Rotator 1.1

Available Now: MidiRotator 1.10
Price: $5.00 USD


MidiRotator 1.1 is a plugin available for both Mac and PC.

I’ve recently gotten so many requests from people wanting to buy rotators, it just didn’t seem practical to build them myself. So I spent the last month or two working on a port to a MidiFX plugin. I’ve just released a VST and an AU version of the plugin for use in Logic Pro X and MainStage as well as other DAW environments. I’m quite pleased with the UI and it’s proven to be even more flexible than the hardware version.

Here’s a brief example of what it can do harmonically to some simple triads!

This latest version fixes several annoying bugs that plagued the previous free version. I’ve also added some automation capabilities. Lots more features and updates are in the works, so stay tuned, and thanks for your generous support!

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